Why Omni Rota ?

OmniRota is different to other rota software in that it actually produces the rota for you based upon parameters that you set in relation to shift patterns, session requirements and staff availability. Compare this to other rota solutions which merely provide you with a template within which to produce your rota and the means to manage and move shifts within that completed rota. Crucially, they still rely upon you to create the rota manually in the first place.

Ten years’ experience has taught us that every surgery is unique in the way that its rota is managed; OmniRota is totally flexible and will accommodate all of your practice’s little idiosyncrasies such as different rota periods or multiple staff shared across several physical locations. It has now been bought by almost 100 organisations throughout the UK and Australia and has continued to be developed and refined to meet the requirements of each of these clients. Development has been continuous but over the last year the original software has undergone extensive redevelopment and a cloud based version was launched in late 2014.

GP Rota

Specifically designed for surgeries, hospital wards and care homes

GP Rota,Rota Software

Fully supported, easy to setup with ongoing help whenever you need it

GP Rota,Rota Software

Produces a complicated surgery rota with just one mouse click

How to make a fair rota

Built-in reporting to shows fairness to all staff