About Us

Creating a rota for a modern surgery can be a real headache.

Accommodating every clinic, every surgery and extended opening can be mind bogglingly complex. And that’s before you’ve even thought about a fair allocation of duty doctor shifts.

And whoever thanks you for a well crafted rota?

OmniRota is a tool specifically created to solve rota problems.

It is both flexible and powerful, designed to manage the myriad variables of a modern surgery, created around your own specific needs and competitively priced for a limited surgery budget.

How does it work?


You give us the details about your existing staff roster, working hours, holidays, sessions, room allocations, staff rules and preferences


We do the system set-up for you and make sure that it reflects everything required to produce your first and subsequent rotas


The system does all the hard work crunching the data to come up with the best and fairest rota in seconds


The system highlights the shifts when you're going to be understaffed or if any of your rules cannot be met


The system produces reports that demonstrate parity of allocations by clinician


You create every subsequent rota in seconds with just one mouse click and we support you with any help you need